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In Search of Archi Thompson
Graphic made by my son, Chuck Thompson

We started this Web site as a way to look for the father of my great-grandfather, George R. Thompson, of Pike County, Missouri.  We thought his father's name might have been "Archi", so we named the Web site "In search of Archi".

We did find his father.  He was named Archibald Wyatt Thompson (1808 - 1885), married to Sarah Talley, in Louisa County, Virginia.  We also found the father of Archibald.  He was Richard Wyatt Thompson (Abt. 1775 - 1828), married to Mary McGehee, and we found the father of Richard.  He was Matthew Thompson (1745/50 - 1785), married to Sarah Wyatt (Abt. 1752 - 1830).
We now believe the parents of Matthew were John Thompson (1731/32 - Abt 1791) and Ann Peatross (Abt 1734 - Bef 1768) and we believe his grandparents were John Thompson (1702 - 1750) and Susannah George (Abt 1706 - ? ). This is a best guess, based on the families in the area and the time period. At this time it cannot be proven, but the following website (of John Gaines):

agrees with me. I also found the same pedigree information on a website named ''OneGreatFamily'' when I searched for Matthew Thompson and Sarah Wyatt. The address is:

Neither of these sites listed sources needed for proof.

Other Web sites with links to Matthew Thompson and Sarah Wyatt (and their cousins) are:

The Wyatt Family History:

The McGehee family:

The Terrell family (one of several):

The Peatross family:

We Found Archi!!

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